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  • J3000 Wall Socket, Wall Switch 1 Gang Small Switch
  • 1 Gang Switch
  • 2 Gang 2 Pin Socket
  • 2 Gang Small Switch
  • 2 Gang
  • 2 Gang Switched 13A UK Socket W-Neon
  • 2 Gang Switched 13A UK Socket
  • 2Pin Socket
  • 3 Gang Small Switch
  • 3 Gang Switch

  • 4 Gang Small Switch
  • 4 Gang Switch
  • 5A Socket
  • 5 Gang Small Switch
  • 13A UK
  • 15A socket
  • 20A DP Switch
  • 20A DP Switch+Neon
  • 45A DP Switch
  • Do not distrub+Door bell
  • Door Bell
  • Door bell+Small Switch
  • Door bell+Switch
  • Fan speed controller
  • Fan speed controller+Switch
  • Infrared sensor
  • Insert key for power
  • LAN Socket
  • Shaving socket
  • Small door bell
  • Sound&Light controll time delay Switch
  • Switched 5A
    socket W-Neon
  • Switched 5A
  • Switched 13A UK Socket W-Neon
  • Switched 13A UK Socket

  • Switched 15A socket W-Neon
  • Switched 15A socket
  • Switched
    Universal Socket W-neon
  • Switched
  • Switched Universal Socket+2 pin Socket
  • TEL Socket
  • Touch time delay Switch
  • TV Socket
  • TV+TEL Socket
  • Universal Socket

As a product with a classical design, the J3000 wall switch possesses the timeless values of a classical design, and also the quality of simplicity. The fastener of the wall switch is either blue or white. Customers can choose either color to suit their needs. We can offer our high-quality socket at economical prices.

As a specialized wall socket, wall switch manufacturer in China, our company supplies a broad range of products that includes exhaust fan, grill lamp fixture, down light, and distribution box, among others.

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