W62 Wall Switch, Socket

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  • W62 Wall Switch, Socket 1 Gang cover
  • 2 falt pin socket modular
  • 2 round pin socket modular
  • 2 Gang cover B
  • 2 Gang cover

  • 2 Gang US socket modular
  • 3 Gang cover
  • 250-500W Fan speed controller moudlar
  • 250-500W light dimmer modular
  • 1000W light dimmer modular

  • Blue colour
  • Brazil socket modular
  • BS socket
  • Champagne colour
  • Door bell
  • Electronic door bell modular
  • Italy socket modular
  • Multifinction socket modular
  • Multifunction schuko socket modular
  • Multifunction us socket modular

  • Round pin socket modular
  • Schuko socket modular
  • Silver blue colour
  • Silver colour
  • Silver green colour

  • Swited modular
  • TEL modular
  • TV modular
  • TV Satellite Modular
  • Wine red colour

Our wall switch has a solid structure and is composed of tested components. It is available in 8 different colors, customers can choose it according to your need. The sockets adopts user friendly structure, which makes assembling and installation more simply. W62 series wall switch has SOK unique safety shutters. The safety shutters can prevent misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry. Thus users can feel secure in using our wall switch.

As a specialized wall switch, socket manufacturer and supplier in China, at Jinli we provide a vast array of products that includes our extension socket, compact fluorescent lamp, grill lamp fixture, exhaust fan, and much more.

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