K700 Wall Switch, Socket

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  • K700 Wall Switch, Socket 1 Gang LAN
  • 1 Gang switch
  • 1 Gang TEL
    socket W-shutter
  • 1 Gang TEL
  • 1 Gang TV
  • 2 Gang lan
  • 2 Gang pin
  • 2 Gang switch
  • 2 Gang switched 13A socket W- neon
  • 2 Gang switched
    2 pin socket

  • 2 Gang TEL SOCKET w-shutter
  • 2 pin +Universal socket
  • 2pin socket
  • 3 Gang switch
  • 4 Gang switch

  • 15A SOCKET
  • 16A schuko
  • 20A DP switch
  • 20A DP switch+NENO
  • 200W Fan speed controller W-switch
  • 200W Fan speed controller
  • 200W light dimmer W-SWITCH
  • 200W Light dimmer
  • Do not disturb +door bell
  • Do not disturb +please clean up +door bell
  • Door bell +switch
  • Door bell
  • Electronic doorbell
  • Infrared sensor switch
  • Insert key for power

  • Saving socket
  • Sound box outlet
  • Switched 2 pin socket
  • Switched 13A socket W-Neon
  • Switched 15A socket W-Neon
  • Touch time delay switch
  • TV satellite
  • Sound Lught control time delay switch

We have adopted Germany Bayer PC in K700 wall switch so that it is anti-aging and can bear high temperatures. This socket is available in different colors, including silvery white. We spray colors on the wall switches by using anti-static techniques, so that the colors are long lasting and tarnish resistant. Also, the buttons of our socket are large, which can meet your different needs.

We are an experienced wall switch, socket manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including exhaust fan, distribution box, fluorescent lighting fixture, extension socket, among others.

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