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  • S83 Wall Switch, Socket 1 Gang door bell
  • 1 Gang SWITCH +1 Gang 2Pin socket
  • 1 Gang switch +15A socket
  • 1 Gang SWITCH
  • 1 Gang TEL

  • 1 Gang TV socket
  • 1 Gang switch+ multifuction socket
  • 2 Gang switch +1 Gang 2pin socket
  • 2 Gang SWITCH +2g 2PIN SOCKET
  • 2 Gang SWITCH

  • 2 Gang TEL
  • 2 Gang TV
  • 3 Gang switch +1 Gang 2PIN SOCKET
  • 3 Gang SWITCH
  • 4 Gang SWITCH

  • Socket modular part
  • Switch modular partswitch modular part

Our S83 wall switch is made of Germany Bayer PC material which is fire retardant and has great impact resistance and corrosion resistance. This socket is sized 83mm×83mm and equipped with special brackets and insulated steel frames. In addition, our wall switch is designed with fluorescent indicators.

Jinli is a specialized wall switch, socket manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including wall socket, exhaust fan, compact fluorescent lamp, and down light, among others.

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