S8 Wall Switch, Socket

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  • S8 Wall Switch, Socket 1 Gang switch
  • 1 Gang LAN
  • 1 Gang TEL
  • 1 Gang TV
  • 2 Gang LAN
  • 2 Gang switch
  • 2 Gang TEL
  • 2 Gang TV
  • 2 pin socket
  • 3 Gang switch

  • 4 Gang switch
  • 5A 3 pin socket
  • 13A 3pin socket
  • 200W 500W
    Light dimmer
  • 200W 500W Light Fan speed controller
  • Do not disturb +please clean up +door bell
  • Door bell W-switch
  • Doorbell
  • Infrared sendsor switch
  • Insert key
    for power

  • schuko socket
  • TEL+LAN socket
  • Time delay switch
  • TV+LAN socket
  • TV+TEL socket

The frames of our S8 socket are made of chrome plates which have a great anti-corrosion property. The back plate of our wll switch is made of steel. It is 10 times stronger than plastic back plate and has longer service life. This wall switch has SOK safety shutter to prevent misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry.

As a China-based wall switch, socket manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers exhaust fan, fluorescent lighting fixture, compact fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast, and much more.

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