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Features of Grill Lamp Fixture
1. Our grill lamp fixture adopts parabolic design, thus achieves good reflecting refraction effect. It is energy-saving, easy to install and disassemble.
2. SOK energy saving ballast is adopted to extend the service life and improve the performance of the grill lamp fixture.
3. Various thicknesses of lamp body and materials of reflector are available in our company.

Applications of Grill Lamp Fixture
The grill lamp fixture is widely used in offices, department stores, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, workshops, warehouses, pharmaceutical factories.

Materials of Grill Lamp Fixture
1. Mirror reflecting aluminum
The mirror reflecting aluminum has properties of high reflectivity, easy cleaning, and non-fading.
2. Matt reflecting aluminum
The matt reflecting aluminum won't make you feel dazzling. It is not easy to fade.
3. Stainless steel
The stainless steel has good reflection effect. It is antioxidative and won't fade.
4. Iron
The iron is coated with aluminum sheet. It is cheap and has good reflection effect.
5. Plastic cover
The plastic cover is imported from abroad, and has properties of being fire-proof and dust-proof. It helps the lamp send out soft light and have good light distribution performance.

As a professional grill lamp fixture manufacturer and supplier in China, Jinli also provides compact fluorescent lamp, wall switch, fluorescent lighting fixture, extension socket, and more.

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