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  • Kitchen Ceiling LightJinli is an experienced kitchen ceiling light manufacturer in China. We can produce various types of products such as a grill lamp fixture, extension socket, ballast, and fluorescent lighting fixture.
    Our CE, ROHS, CB, and CCC certified products are highly sought after ...
  • Bedroom Ceiling LightThe bedroom ceiling light is energy-saving as a result of the adoption of high efficiency tri-phosphor sources and low temperature rising energy saving electronic ballast. The flange designed at the bottom of bedroom ceiling light is good for heat dissipation of ballast and tube ...
  • Balcony Ceiling Light The balcony ceiling light is water-proof, and safe to use. It is designed with voice operated switch, so our balcony ceiling light is energy-saving.
  • Living Room Ceiling Light The flange designed at the bottom of living room ceiling light is good for heat dissipation of ballast and tube. The imported light cover is high temperature resistant, and won't fade. Our living room ceiling light is equipped with washer for easy cleaning ...

The ceiling light is usually installed on the surface of the ceiling. Various light tubes can be used in it, including incandescent tubes, fluorescent tubes, high intensity gas discharge lights, halogen tungsten lights, and more.

Ceiling lights with different light tubes have different applications. The ceiling light with fluorescent tubes is suitable for households, classrooms, offices and other places whose height is about 4 meters. The ceiling light with high intensity gas discharge tubes is widely used in stadiums, supermarkets, workshops, and other places whose height is between 4 meters and 9 meters.

We mainly supply ceiling light with fluorescent tubes, as its wide applications in households, schools, shops and offices.

Jinli is a professional ceiling light manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our wide range of products includes compact fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lighting fixture, wall switch, exhaust fan, ballast, and more.

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  • Recessed Down Light Our recessed down light has a good reflection effect as a result of the adoption of Germany imported aluminum reflector.
    It employs clip-press installation way, so it is easy to install.
    The recessed down light has high reflection rate....