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Mist-proof Downlight

Features of Mist-proof Downligh
1. Our mist-proof downlight has good reflection effect, and it won't dazzle you.
2. It is suitable to be used in bathrooms and cloakrooms.

We offer various downlights for your choices. According to installation types, our downlight can be classified as recessed down light and horizontal down light. You can find mist-proof downlight and home down light according to its functions.

Technical Parameters
Type Specification Ballast Matched Item
Mist-proof Downlight 4"Single pipe Electronic SK-TAS/40
5"Single pipe Electronic SK-TAS/50
5"Double pipe Electronic SK-TAD/50
6"Single pipe Electronic SK-TAS/60
6"Double pipe Electronic SK-TAD/60
8"Single pipe Electronic SK-TAS/80
8"Double pipe Electronic SK-TAD/80
Mist-proof Downlight 5"Single pipe Magnetic SK-TASM/50
5"Double pipe Magnetic SK-TADM/50
6"Single pipe Magnetic SK-TASM/60
6"Double pipe Magnetic SK-TADM/60
8"Single pipe Magnetic SK-TASM/80

As a professional mist-proof downlight manufacturer and supplier in China, Jinli also provides time delay switch, T5 fluorescent tube light fixture, electronic ballast, telephone socket, and much more.

Feedback Form
  • Recessed Down Light Our recessed down light has a good reflection effect as a result of the adoption of Germany imported aluminum reflector.
    It employs clip-press installation way, so it is easy to install.
    The recessed down light has high reflection rate....