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The home down light has a good reflection effect as a result of the adoption of Germany imported aluminum reflector. It adopts Japan imported steel, thus our home down light has properties of corrosion resistance and impact resistance. And the plastic spray technology is adopted on the surface of lamp body. The ceramic lamp holder of our home down light is high temperature resistant. So this home down light is widely used in living rooms, bedrooms and study rooms.

We can offer various downlights for your choices. Our downlight can be classified as recessed down light, horizontal down light, mist-proof downlight and home down light.

As a China-based home down light manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a vast range of products that includes ceiling light, compact fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lighting fixture, wall switch, and more.

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  • Mist-proof Downlight Our mist-proof downlight has good reflection effect, and it won't dazzle you.
    It is suitable to be used in bathrooms and cloakrooms.
    Our downlight can be classified as recessed down light ...