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  • Magnetic Ballast 35F 35X Magnetic ballast
  • 50 Magnetic
  • 60ARUS Magnetic ballast
  • 60P Magnetic ballast
  • 60X Magnetic ballast
  • 70C Magnetic ballast
  • 70F Magnetic ballast
  • 70X Magnetic ballast
  • 80P Magnetic ballast
  • 90T Magnetic ballast

The magnetic ballast has great heat resistance and can work stably at a maximum temperature of 120℃. It has a service life of more than 10 years. We use vacuum dipping lacquer for the magnetic ballast so that it will not produce noise.

As a specialized magnetic ballast manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a comprehensive line of products that includes ballast, wall switch, compact fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lighting fixture, and much more.

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  • Electronic BallastOur electronic ballast has high operation frequency, has no flicker or noise and is energy efficient. It features quality casting, so that the electronic ballast is safe, moist resistant and lightning-proof. Also, it is a quality electronic ballast in terms of electro magnetic compatibility ...