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Features of Fluorescent Tube Light Fixture
1. The streamline lamp body design makes our fluorescent tube light fixture look beautiful and elegant.
2. Powder spray coating technology is applied to the body of the fluorescent tube light fixture to effectively prevent the lamp from rust, corrosion and fading.
3. The lamp holder adopts radial propulsion and revolving design, so it guarantees a good contact of fluorescent tube and lamp holder. Besides, the fluorescent tube is easy to install.
4. PBT lamp holder, wires and accessories of fluorescent tube light fixture are made of flame retardant materials.
5. Various thicknesses of lamp body and cover are available. You can choose from 0.26mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and more.
6. Compared with common lighting fixtures, our fluorescent tube light fixture has a higher energy efficiency index which is specified as follows.
Note: the number before "=" stands for the power of our fluorescent tube light fixture, and the number after "=" stands for the power of common fluorescent tube light fixture.

Applications of Fluorescent Tube Light Fixture
The fluorescent tube light fixture is extensively used in offices, department stores, super markets, schools, hospitals, workshops, warehouses, public places, and more.

Jinli is an experienced fluorescent tube light fixture manufacturer in China. We supply a wide array of products, including grill lamp fixture, ceiling light, wall socket, exhaust fan, among others.

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